Department of Business Management

1. General Information

The Department of Business Management, formerly known as Department of Enterprise Management Organisation, was established in 1960. It was renamed to Department of Business Management and Marketing in 1992 and to Department of Business Management on 27th November 2007 under the Decision of the Rector of Hanoi National University (Vietnam National University of Agriculture, now)

The Department creates and supplies the high-quality human resources in Business Management, Economics and Accouting… for all economic sectors of the society. The number of bachelors and masters trained by the Department is increasing over the years.

Address: 4th Floor – The Main Administration Building – Vietnam National University of Agriculture

Phone number: 0246.2617582



Head:      Dr. Pham Thi Huong Diu

Vice Head:    MSc. Nguyen Hai Nui

The number of staff: 01 Associate Professor; 05 Doctors; 010 Master (including 06 Ph.D students)



Dr. Nguyen Quoc Chinh

Vice Dean

Head of the Department

Dr. Pham Thi Huong Diu

Head, Lecturer

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Do Van Vien

 Senior Lecturer

Dr. Nguyen Cong Tiep

Lecturer, Vice Chairman of the University Office

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Thi Nga


Dr. Bui Thi Kim Anh


MSc. Dong Dao Dung (PhD student in Japan)

Lecturer, Training Assistant

MSc. Le Thi Thu Huong (PhD student in Japan)


MSc. Nguyen Hai Nui (PhD student in Vietnam)

 Vice Head, Lecturer

MSc. Le Thi Kim Oanh (PhD student in Belgium)


MSc. Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh (PhD student in Japan)


MSc. Nguyen Thi Thu Trang (PhD student in Vietnam)


MSc. Dao Hong Van


MSc. Tran Thi Thanh Huyen


MSc. Nguyen Ngoc Mai


MSc. Doan Thi Ngoc Thuy


Visiting Lecturers: Dr. Bui Thi Gia; Dr. Pham Thi Minh Nguyet; Lecturer Do Thanh Xuong; Senior Lecturer Nguyen Van Quy and Senior Lecturer Ho Ngoc Chau.


The Department is in charge of training:

Bachelor’s degree in Business Management

Bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness

Master of Business Management (MBA)

Subjects for undergraduate programs:

1          Principles of Management

2          Corporation Management

3          Strategic Management

4          Business Investment Management

5          Office Management

6          Human Resource Management

7          Risk Management

8          Operation Management

9          Farm and Household Management

10         Sales Management

11         Management of Distribution Channel

12         Research Methodology in Management

13         Public Relations

14         Economics of Cooperation

15         Psychology in Business Management

16        Agribusiness Management


Subjects for Master Programs:

1          Advanced Risk Management

2          Supply Chain Management

3          Advanced Corporation Management

4          Advanced Research Methodology in Management



- Training for undergraduate students

The Department undertakes some majors and subjects in Business Management, Agribusiness Management, Accounting, Agricultural Economics…

- Training for graduate students:

The Department undertakes some majors and subjects in Business Management, Agricultural Economics and Rural Economics and Sociology.

- Providing short courses:

The short-courses provide intensive training that keep pace with employer’s needs who are Enterprises, Cooperatives and others sectors. The Department also disseminates knowledge and provides consultancy services in business management, agricultural economics and rural development

- Conducting scientific and technological researches:

Developing scientific research and transferring knowledge on business management, supply chain management, economics, particularly cooperation among households and rural development.


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5. Principles of Management, Agriculture Publishing House, 2010, Bui Thi Nga


International Universities:

University of Wisconsin – Madison;

Humboldt University of Berlin;

Royal Agricultural University;

Larenstain University;

Yonsei University;

Swedish University of Agricultural Science;

University of the Philippines Los Banos;

University of Thai Chamber of Commerce;

Vietnamese Universities:

National Economics University;

Hue University;

Thai Nguyen University;

Vietnam University of Commerce;


1. National Project

Research of Poor’s Adaptation to natural disasters and social-economic fluctuations

2. Ministerial Project

Effects of global economic recession on production and business activities of enterprises in some Northern areas of Vietnam

3. Project on Supply Chain of Fruit and Vegetable (ASIAN-Link)

4. Articles

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