Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam - GPA reached 3.9

As a senior student of Vietnam National University of Agriculture, Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam is one of the outstanding students in both the aspects of academic achievement and joining the Association. Thanh Tam is the famous name in K57QTKDT class. Every student in the Faculty of Accounting and Business Management knows and admires her very much.

In Nam Dinh, a province of ancient culture and hard-working people, Thanh Tam was born and nurtured. By the orientation of her family as well as her desire to become an agricultural business lecturer, this young girl decided to study Agribusiness Management following the advanced program.

At present, her GPA reached 3.9 - a remarkable achievement. Besides studying, she also actively participated in the Union of the Faculty or University. She also won the honour of "5-good aspects student", and gained excellent student in the academic year 2014-2015, represented students of the University to participate in International Student Forum and Conference abroad. Recently she was honored to receive the US Department of State's Global UGRAD 2016 scholarship.



Tam said: "Learning is the main thing that students need to put on top. Students should choose for themselves an effective learning method. As a final year student, there are a lot of knowledge and exercises in the subjects, so I spent time in every weekday. In addition, students should balance the time for learning and for entertainment or relaxation with friends. This is really important because if you spend all your time studying, productivity would be ineffective. Being involved in group is another way of learning, providing a great deal of knowledge and skills, and, in particular, providing a comfortable mental status to embark on many other plans. Always be confident to express yourself at events, and do not forget to participate in scientific research are the good environment for learning. The learning is always shared, refreshed and constantly grown. Always be dynamic, creative in learning, confident in communication, thinking independently, dare to think, dare to do, dare to pursue their dreams, you will certainly succeed!

At present, as a senior, with the difficulties and challenges ahead, wish Thanh Tam will gain more achievements and always keep the passion, enthusiasm, so with a new position, new working environment, young girls will always devote themselves, obtain much success, worthy of the belief of people.


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