Agribusiness Management (Advanced Education program)- The ideal studying environment

Agribusiness Management ( Advanced Education program)- The ideal study environment

The Undergraduate Advanced Education Program – Agribusiness Management is launched by the Vietnam National University of Agriculture and managed by the Faculty of Accounting and Business Management. This program is one of 23 successful collaborative programs approved and funded by Viet Nam Ministry of Education and Training so far. Its advancement is based on the selection criteria such as objectives, curriculums, teaching resources, student assessment,... which are fulfilled requirements of the University of Wisconsin-Madison - USA (top 200 universities worldwide). The media instruction language of the course is English.



The Agribusiness Management program aims at undergraduate training. After the course, students acquire good professional skills, creative approaches to work and proficiency in English. Those are expected to meet the requirements of domestic and overseas recruiters. There were 300 students have been awarded the undergraduate degrees. The Program has opened the 10th-enrollment.


Academic and daily lives for students of the Agribusiness Management courses are facilitated. The Course has standard lecture halls, classrooms and mass media equipment. The internet is available in the dormitory, which is friendly, peaceful and safe. Students of the program have an extra separated library and a computer room in which the software has been installed for improving English skills. In addition, all teaching staffs of the course have been graduated from English courses in the top-ranking universities/institutions in the developed countries. There are 20 staffs of those who have participated in the training courses at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA to prepare for launching this Course. Up to date, 31 professors and inviting speakers of the University of Wisconsin-Madison have provided lectures within the Course.


Joining the course, students absorb in the international environment. Curriculums are instructed in English by highly qualified, experienced professors. Students have chances to take the internships, research projects, volunteer activities and student associations' activities. In the internship, they are able to be selected to short-time practicing in the organizations and businesses in the USA, Australia, Germany, Israel and ASEAN countries.

Thank you to the proficiency in English and the international cooperation of the Vietnam National University of Agriculture, a number of students have participated in some exchange programs with collaborative universities or have been awarded scholarships for studying overseas master courses after the graduation. In addition, the high competencies boost students to the higher education either domestic or international institutions and support them to please the employers’ requirements.

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